Client under local IP


I have MIkrotik (with ZT) on the destination, where is 192.168.20.x local network (LAN). In this local network is device on which runs VNC server on it. But this VNC server accepts connections from local IP´s only. When I use Torch for incoming connection from zerotier network it shows that my PC (from internet-wan) tried to connect to VNC server under different than local IP (172.24.x.x). This is the reason connection to VNC is not established.

Is there some way how to mask this incomming connection under local IP range? Just to let VNC server think that incoming connection is from local network.

Thank you.

That seems like it should work. Does pinging the VNC server at work from the PC over zerotier? If the server is Windows, make sure ping is enabled in Windows firewall.

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