Clone Zerotier Address after Re-Install

Hi All,

I am using Zerotier on a system that “wipes” itself on every reboot. Therefore, I have startup scripts that re-install Zerotier on Linux after a reboot.
However, as a NEW Zerotier Node address is created each time I have to re-authorize after every install.

Prior to a reboot, I have access to the /var/lib/zerotier-one/ directory and can copy any needed files so that I can replace them later with my script.

Therefore, if after a reboot I re-install Zerotier, I am wondering what files I must WRITE back into this directory /var/lib/zerotier-one/ such that the NEW installed system acts as the same Identity from before the Reboot.



The identity.* files need to be copied.

Many Thanks.

So I assume if I just backup the,


files from the “/var/lib/zerotier-one” directory.
Then after the fresh install I just replace them back to the same place, then restart the Zerotier service then all should be good.