Combining networks

Ok, so I understand that zero tier creates a “virtual switch”, but as far as I can tell, this switch isn’t just one switch. Normally, when I connect multiple devices to a switch, a DHCP server assigns everyone the same subnet. But with zerotier, each physical device or network needs to be on it’s own subnet (much like a regular vpn). So how do I combine them in such a way that when I open up “My network places” on Windows for example I can see both my local and any remote computers. The same goes for broadcast protocols like UPNP and DLNA, I can’t see any of my media servers on any of my devices that are outside of the network that has the server on it.

you’re doing something wrong. zerotier does indeed act as one switch and assigns addresses in a single subnet allowing devices to communicate directly within the subnet.

Can you describe your setup a little more?

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