Communicate from/to LAN only

Is it possible for a linux pc to be limited in its traffic by zerotier to only one other machine ip on a faraway office? I want 2 machines to communicate only and only that. Lets say i install ufw on that linux and deny all incoming and outgoing traffic for all interfaces. Then i create a single rule that allows in/out traffic to that one machine on the faraway office which might be a Windows pc. I have tried with ufw to do this but so far no luck. Can you help?

If theese two pc’s are the only devices on your Zerotier network, the only communication you can have is between theese pc’s. By default no communication is possible between both networks via Zerotier.

Aditional routing and / or masqurading is needed to make that possible.

But if i run a browser on that linux it will be able browse any site. Any program running may “call home” (outgoing) and leak data. I am requesting a “closed circuit” between two or more computers using a zerotier network. If any incoming and outgoing traffic is first denied in the firewall then what rules do i have to create (to open ip, ports) in the firewall for the “closed circuit” to work?

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