Comunications aren´t consistent


Me and my friends are hosting some gaming server with our PC´s and we use ZT to play on LAN so that we dont have to port foward on the router. It was working just fine until some of us cannot ping our selfs anymore.

For example, i have 2 PC´s connected in my network to the ZT one is hosting the server and nothing more, and the other one is for me to play (i know i dont need it to connect to the server because we are in the same LAN already).
My friend at his house can ping the ip of the PC that is hosting the game but cannot the ip of my gaming pc and my gaming and he started hosting another server on another PC and my gaming pc cannot ping any of his PCs.

In the ZT network config all the PCs are authorized.

I would appreciate if anyone could help fix this problem

That could be a bad assumption depending on the game or application. Try to get this working through only one server address.

Past that, to get a better answer, you must provide much more detail about your configuration. (eg: The game, client versions, address spaces.)

If you have several home users joining to play an old video game, then I would make a small wager that at least one of them has a collision in the space, which could cause sporadic misbehavior.

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