Configure ZT on EC2 to allow MTik CHR access to ZT enabled devices in the field

I am trying to configure ZT on an Amazon Linux 2 EC2, in the same VPC as my Mtik Cloud Hosted Router.
Initially I wanted to host the CHR in AWS with the ZT package installed on RouterOS 7.
But ran into issues with ZT compatibility with x86 architecture so have fallen back to using two EC2 instances in the same subnet.

ZT is running on a Linux 2 EC2 with 172…x.y.z and 172.x.y.z (This interface is running in a bridge with the ZT interface on this device { 10.a.b.c})
The Cloud Hosted Router is running from the AMI in the AWS marketplace (x86_64 architecture)
with an internal address 172.x.y.z
Both EC2’s have elastic IP’s, Change Source / destination check has been turned off on both instances and security groups updated to allow the traffic to pass.

I have followed the ZT documentation on:

But seem to be having issues with my ZT client not able to use the ZT network to access the EC2 on the 10.a.b.c range.
ZTC is configured with managed routes via 10.a.0.0
10.a.0.0/16 via (LAN)
172.x.0.0/16 via 10.a.b.c

Any support on this and/or advice is greatly appreciated!

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