Connect between 2 ZT networks

I’m trying to connect a device in network A to a device in network B. Both ZT networks. I’ve confirmed both ZT networks are functional as I can communicate within each network. But can’t seem to get the ruleset worked out to connect across 2 networks. I have added routes between the 2 subnets as well.

Unless you have a machine configured as a router between two ZeroTier networks, what you’re trying to do isn’t possible. Each ZeroTier network is its own isolated network.

Exactly what I need to know and what I expected. Thanks.

Configuring a machine as a router between networks will also cause a bottleneck because all traffic between networks will have to pass through that one node. You’ll no longer get the benefit of peer to peer communication within a network.

also, rulesets won’t span multiple networks like this.

I’m rethinking what I need to do. I think I can easily achieve my goal using rulesets with tags for different types of devices. one device tag can communicate with another but not another tag. That would achieve my goal within a single network.

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