Connect north-south between networks, but not east west within a network

Hello, I’m looking at potentially using ZeroTier for a project that I’m working on and security is important. The basis of this is to connect humans to hardware. So, for example, Humans (laptops, PCs, phones, etc) would join network A. Hardware (Non-human oriented and fully automated) would join network B. I would like humans in A to connect to devices in B. However, I would not want devices within network A to connect to each other. So no east-west (inter-device) traffic permitted. But any human in A has the ability to connect to any device in B. Can this be done with the rules or is there another way to think about the inter-device communication restrictions as it relates to ZeroTier?

You can do that with the rules engine.

tag server
id 2
enum 0 No
enum 1 Yes
default No;

# if both members are not servers, break
break not tor server 1;

# This is required because the default action is 'drop'.

Thats perfect. Thanks.