Connect to ec2 without vpc gateway

Hi all,

I have a an ec2 instance in AWS which I would like to make accessible to other clients within my zerotier network. The instance is enrolled into the network and I can ping both client and server from each other.

I don’t make use of a VPC gateway ec2 instance and have zerotier installed on the server I want to have access to. I’m aware of that it’s less secure as aws security groups won’t hold but in my case it doesn’t need that secure.

The problem I’m having is that I can’t access the server via ssh or it’s https port. Firewalld is disabled. When I run nmap on the zerotier assigned ip on the server from my client I can see that the ports are open. But when I telnet the ports from my client it times out.

Am I missing something really important here? Any tips are much appreciated.

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