Connect to ISP router behind another router

Hello people.
First of all , i’m very happy with zero tier, its been wonderful!

i would like to know how to connect to my first router behind my main router

my current setup is a ISP router with Nat(WAN = Public IPv4 to NAT to a raspberryPi with openwrt (NAT Wan= to the LAN, unfortunatelly i cannot bridge the ISP router.

i can ping all my devices from lan when i’m away from home, even using the lan IP(, i have followed this tutorial

But when i try to ping my ISP router( i got no response.

Do i need another firewall rule or traffic route ? or somenthing ?should i bridge interfaces ??

I could be wrong but if I had this problem, I’d establish a managed route.

Assuming your LAN router gateway is, and your ISP router is, I’d put the route into ZeroTier Central as via This might work if you have your subnet bridged into ZeroTier correctly, and I’m not familiar with doing it at the router, but I figured I’d recommend the option.

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I have configured like that , but it didnt worked,
also i have checked the allow ethernet bridging on the router:

should i bridge the interfaces on lan and zerotier on the router?

i dont understand the implications of doing it, i’m afraid to mess it up.:frowning:

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