Connect two LANs over Zerotier via OPNSense


I have been trying to figure out how to connect to Lans over Zerotier. One Lan is at my home and the other at a remote location.

The local LAN at my home is I have the Zerotier Plugin installed on my OPNSense router. The remote LAN is the only way I have access to this LAN is via one PC running Linux with the Zerotier client installed.

My wish is to be able to be able to make my local LAN aware of the remote LANs subnet. So basically if i wanted to remote in to a one of the remote PCs I wouldn’t have to use the Zerotier IPs.

I have come across lots of instructions using two OPNSense routers one on each side but I can’t seem to find a solution to only having one router and the remote network only using a PC gain access to the remote network.

Any tips will be greatly appreciated.


Problem with your setup is routing on the LAN with the PC.

How can other devices on that LAN know the route to the LAN with the OPNsense router?

You can try to setup masqurading or NAT on the PC.

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Another option is to add a route in your “remote router” to point back to your home network through ZeroTier.

Lets say the address of the remote Linux machine that runs ZeroTier is, then just add the following in the remote router (ie default gateway of the network):

route add dest

This assumes both networks have been added to “Managed Routes” in ZeroTier Central (

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