Connected but no dat stream

Android and host show connected but when I try to access the application data, I don’t get any thing. I’m setting up home security and automation, and need the ability to monitor things remotely without opening up more holes in the firewall. The Zerotier Android app and host VPN connect and show everything is good but the webpage for the security system does not connect (nor does the phone app)… It works fine on the home network but it;s being blocked by the ISP firewall, hence the need for Zerotier. Found another discussion about this from two years ago but it died in silence. It’s possible my ISP is blocking it but the wife and I have used several different VPN for work. Interestingly, with the Zerotier on I can still see the security system inside my network, just not past the ISP firewall. My hunch is I missed a check box somewhere during set up…

I have the same issue, Android and host show connected but web page on my home server fails to load. It was working a month ago but just stopped maybe an Andriod update? And yes, with the Zerotier on I can still see the web server when inside my network.

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