Connecting to a Ham Radio behind CGNATd ISP?

I am new here and not at all network savvy.

I am trying to reach my ICOM 7610 at my very remote cottage supplied by T-Mobile Home ISP which uses CGNAT. I can create a network between clients thru the internet using Zero Tier. I cannot connect the radio in that network. I can connect to the radio directly at the remote site via ethernet from my PC there but not any offsite PC.

I understand some have created a separate network (VLAN?) using a R Pi. Then connecting other devices w/o client to that Pi network. I have a R Pi 4 arriving today. My Pi skills are pathetic, worse than my network knowledge. Is this a viable path? Are there any tutorials to get me started? I assume you need something like Mint loaded first???

Any thoughts gratefully received.


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