Connecting to an AWS Windows 2019 instance from remote sites

I am trying to connect devices from remote sites to an AWS instance of Windows 2019. Remote sites consist of routers that are running Zerotier and connected to the configured Zerotier network.
From the Windows 2019 console, in Command Prompt, I can ping any device on any of the remote sites. From any remote site I am able to ping the Zerotier Managed IP address that is routed to the Windows 2019 IP address.

The issue is, I am not able to ping the actual destination address of the Windows 2019 instance. Devices on remote sites are not able to connect to the Windows instance IP address and cannot use the Zerotier Managed IP address as it is not in the same subnet.

For reference, I also have an AWS Linux Instance set up running on the same AWS subnet and associated in the same Zerotier network. I am able to ping the destination address of the Linux instance from any device on the VPN and ping any device from the Linux instance. This instance connects as expected.

I turned off the firewall on Windows 2019 to test and am still not able to ping. I believe I am dealing with an internal Windows routing issue on the instance, but not sure how to resolve it. I don’t believe this is an AWS issue, but could be wrong.
Has anyone else set up a similar configuration successfully?

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