Connecting to home NAS server through hosting VPS on my laptop

Hey, so I wanted to connect to my NAS through my VPS on my laptop, which while it is not in the closest location, it is public-facing which the NAS and my laptop are not. I get pretty terrible performance when just adding the nas and laptop and then use the nas ip in zerotier so I want to route it through my VPS, I cannot figure that out though. How would I do this?


That is possible, but I’m not sure it would help performance. Are you nas and laptop connecting optimally? Troubleshooting & FAQ | ZeroTier Documentation

If your devices are far away geographically, file sharing protocols like smb aren’t great at dealing with latency. What NAS are you using? What is the latency when you ping between nas and laptop? What file sharing protocol are you testing?

Hey, I do mean to have my VPS as a relay, NAS and laptop are not connecting optimally right now but it is not very different when they are on the same physical network and I try to use the ZeroTier IP. I cannot really help the optimal connection thing as I checked when trying hamachi that it would seem the ISP I am using (in both locations) blocks this kind of connections or something?

It’s not really a NAS, but I mainly use it as one, it’s an old computer running on a schedule for the most of the day. I am pretty sure it is not hitting it’s limit as when I connect directly, it manages to saturate the gigabit connection both network interfaces and the router have, if the NAS wasn’t running Ubuntu, I am pretty sure it wouldn’t do bad even in Windows 10.

The ping when I use the ZeroTier IP is 216ms on average. Physically, I am about 200km away from the NAS.

I am using SMB as you mentioned. If you have a better alternative that would just simulate a drive on Windows and use it’s own protocol, I am kind of searching for that as well.

Thanks for the swift reply, JustLeader.

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