Connecting to remote devices (or a router) without installing Zerotier using a PC in the LAN (with Zerotier installed)

I’d like to access to my remote network using Zerotier. In fact, I can access to my Linux equipment where I have installed Zerotier… but It would be very interesting to access to the router of that remote LAN (where is not possible to install Zerotier).

For example, my router IP address is and my Linux machine on this LAN … and in Zerotier one. Would it be possible to access from a remote PC ( to that router or to another devices in that LAN (without installing Zerotier)?

This is just basic routing, almost nothing specific to ZeroTier.
See Route between Zerotier and Physical Networks cannot get this working - #2 by AndrewZ

Yes, routing between ZeroTier and physical networks works for me. All instructions are as explained on the ZeroTier website, but it has to be a Linux machine. Since you’ve installed it on a Linux machine, you shouldn’t have any problems.

However, I’m struggling to achieve the same functionality on a Windows machine. If anyone has any ideas or solutions, please share them in this forum so everyone can benefit.

No. Example is here:

Thanks for the reply,
I have tried with a linux machine on the permis and it worked but I don’t want to keep 2 machine for this purpose. I checked the alternative command in windows but it is not that easy to understand, too many setting behing the firewall and registry. I give up now.
Thanks anyway!