Connection between two 4g routers: high latency


I am trying make two computers communicate. Both computers are on Ubuntu 18.04 and are in the same room. Both computers are connected to the internet thanks to their own 4g router.

From what I understood, it is not possible to have a direct link between two 4g routers which is why I chose to use ZeroTier.

I have successfully created a zerotier network and I am now able to ping and ssh between the two computers. However I am experiencing high ping when pinging the other computer (200ms on average), much higher than when I ping for instance (~50ms).

Do you have any idea of what could be the cause of this latency ?

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welcome to the forum. If the devices can’t talk directly, the packets bounce of the nearest root server. So 200ms could make sense. If you’re in France, the packets are probably going to Amsterdam and back.

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