Connection drops with version 1.10.1

When using latest 1.10.1 my connection to the other peers drops randomly, I’ve tested connecting to 2 different computer, one is in another network (external) and the other was local but test was made using ZeroTier’s IP with both computers.

The other 2 computers also had 1.10.1. The way I tested this was opening 2 cmd windows and pinging the IPs, I (seemingly) randomly got packet losses that last a couple seconds and then everything back to normal.

This was also tested with a mumble server and the connection dropped randomly, after some seconds of everything working normally, puff, connection lost, then some seconds after it connected again, rinse and repeat; tested this with me and one of the other computers creating the server, same behavior in both cases.

The same with games, but I didn’t noticed this when using file transfers, it may have been because I was “streaming” video files and video players buffer data so maybe the connection was lost some seconds but because of the buffer I didn’t noticed.

Went back to 1.8.8 and now everything is OK, and I want to clarify, only one of the computers was downgraded the others are still in 1.10.1 but so far I have tested mumble and game servers and it didn’t disconnected anymore.

Problem came back again. Made the other computer uninstall and install the 1.8.8 version and nothing, problem still persists, pinging the computer shows some packet losses on both ends

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