Connection issues between 2 pcs but others can connect fine


We are currently having a strange issue where Server A cannot connect to Server B over ZTO but other pcs within the same ZTO network are able to connect to Server A and Server B perfectly fine. It’s just the connection between these two servers don’t work and unfortunately, we really need these to connect for our scripts to pull data.

We have already reinstall ZTO and rebuilt the peer list on both sides to no long term solution. After completely reinstalling ZTO on Server A, it will be able to connect to Server B for a few hours but eventually it will stop connecting (testing with pinging). Other machines don’t have issues talking to Server B (there are some minor drops but we believe that is due to the internet connection on location).

Any thoughts on what we can do to try to make this connection be more stable?

zerotier can get “stuck” in some rare cases. It seems to be triggered by certain routers/firewalls. I think if you can figure out what’s going on with Server A’s system firewall or it’s internet gateway/firewall, it’ll stop and you’ll have better performance too.

more info:

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