Connection issues between Android Phone and Windows PC only when game is open

I’ve been planning on making a Minecraft Server to play with my friends and since some of them have no PC available nowadays I thought about using Minecraft Bedrock, which allows Cross-Play between Windows, Mobile and Consoles.
The idea was to use ZeroTier to create a Virtual LAN or a VPN so that they can join from far away.

I created the Minecraft Server, installed ZeroTier One on both Windows (host of the Server) and on Android and joined the Network I created, with both on different Wi-Fi connections to simulate what my friends would experience, but wasn’t able to make it work properly. It had quite some erratic behavior and I couldn’t connect to the Minecraft Server on Android.

After quite some experimenting I discovered that the PC and Android Phone can ping each other pretty well, but once I open Minecraft on the Android Phone the ping drops to “Request timed out”.

Edit: Apparently there’s an issue that takes a few seconds to start while using ZeroTier and Minecraft Pocket Edition at the same time.
By Switching out and back of the game on the Phone after the ping had come back to normal, I was able to join the server and interact for a few seconds, but then the issue started and I was disconnected and unable to join back.

Edit 2: I tested the connection with another laptop with Minecraft and ZeroTier installed and the issue did not appear. It worked normally. I suppose the issue is Android only.

I’m glad if someone can help :no_mouth::+1:

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