Connection issues

Hello. I have 2 friends. We just wanted to connect to each other.
Now We are in a weird situation.

Let my pc be 1, and my friends be 2 and 3.
Now 1 and 2 have had zerotier installed for quite some time now and it works fine.
However, 3 had installed zerotier just this morning, and we checked it was working. 3 was able to ping 1 and 2. As well as open up a webpage hosted on 1 via the managed ip. However, now 3 cannot even ping 1.
All this time, 3 was able to ping 2 and receive response.

Currently our situation is :
2 can connect to 1 only
1 can connect to 2 only
3 can connect to only 2

We both seem to be able to connect to 2, but not each other. Weirdest thing is, that 3 was able to ping me in the morning. But now he cant.
We are on windows. All private firewalls off. Interface metric set to 1 on all 3 pcs. I am utterly confused. Please help

1 and 2 have zt 1.6.2
3 has 1.6.5
could this be an issue?

Upgrading to 1.6.5 is a good first step. It’s less likely to get “stuck”.

I updated my zt version to 1.6.5. me and 3 still cant connect.

Reboot your router, if possible.

You can also check here Coma Bug Update

Changing secondary port on my pc resulted in a connection between me and 3. If it keeps working without any issues, I will mark your reply as solution and will close the issue. Otherwise I will be replying again :sweat_smile:

i have a problem too my conection in my computer isnt good too

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