Connection through ZeroTier, access to LAN

The topology is simple, so I am skipping the diagram.

Computer A, ZeroTier address
Computer B (Gateway; in ZeroTier, physical address

I can ping the ZT address on Computer B from Computer A, but I can’t ping its physical address. I need to access the NVR at address

Internet advice suggests setting up iptables on a Linux OS. I have decided to do this on Windows. I probably have gaps in my theory. I understand that something needs to manage NAT, and forward my packet where I want it. Iptables consists of three parts (Filter table, Nat table, Magle table), Nat table is responsible for managing where the package should go, the Windows equivalent is the “route” command. That’s all I know.

Unfortunately, I can’t set this up properly. I should mention that there is a router at in the network I want to access. I don’t know if that matters or not. Either way, I should be able to ping

In the ZeroTier configuration, in the section “ via”

I would appreciate any help. Regards, Groszexxx.

On computer B you have to make it possible to forward packets between the two network interfaces, the zerotier interface and the physical interface. When done you can ping

On network you have to set a static route for network via just as you did on the zerotier network for When done your NVR at knows how packets can return to, not via the default gateway but via

Thx for answer. That’s a new topic for me. I am trying to understand the general concept.
I have writen in cmd (Computer A) : route add mask
Now i can ping (computer B physical adress). Ofc if i will delete this route, i will lose possibility to ping this.

But my target is reach , so if You would lead me how to do it. Have I set static route where? On pc, which has adress (Computer B) ? If I have understood You correctly: i have explain packet how to return to me… but is it a task for Computer B or router (

Packet forwarding between network interfaces on a Windows pc (I think your compter B is Windows) does not work out of the box. See How can I enable packet forwarding on Windows? - Server Fault for more details.

If you set the static route via on your router at this should work for all the computers in that network.

If I would have dissable packet forwarding then i wouldn not ping 192.168…1.101.
For example: when i will write:

route delete mask

then i cant ping

route add mask

I can ping again

I tried realise second part of Your advice and set static rout on router (, but without success.

I am reading about static route and trying to resolve this.
Below i added my net scheme

Any sgestion?

I found solution. It wasn’t hard. Mr mdr has right. I added static routing on my router. It was first step. Second step was added route in A computer. Earlier i did it separately, so that’s why it didnt work.


route add mask
route add mask
route add mask
route add mask
  • add static routing on router ( like on upper screenshot
Destination Network Subnet Mask Default Gatewat

It is all. Thank You.

I still dont understand why

route add mask doesn’t work…

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