Connection times out zero-tier network

Hey, I’m running a production network with a gateway Zero-tier machine on AWS.
Users connecting to a machine via ssh have unstable connection problem, every couple of hours connection times out but the users are still online in the network. it takes about 20 minutes to establish connection again. During this time they have no Ping to anywhere on the production network even though they are online.
I checked for routing/security group and anything else might block traffic but it doesn’t seem to be the problem.

Any idea what can make the connection unstable ? We suspect it might be to much traffic going in the network but I checked and Zero-tier has no traffic limits.

it sounds like a router/firewall/nat thing. It could be on the users’ side. Does everyone lose connection at the same time? Can they ping other devices, like each other? Are they at the same location, or working from home?

Thanks for replying,
not everyone loses connection on the same time, it usually happens when running a big service.
While they are lose the connection they can’t ping other devices and they are all at the same location working from the same office.

Sorry we missed this one. I haven’t heard of that before. Is it reproducible?

You could try capping the bandwidth on the zerotier interface with tc, or a bigger aws instance.

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