Could I make the zerotier server reset the address node routinely?

hi sir,
I’m using zerotier to remote control my computer in the working place. However, The working place’s network setting are frequently changed , which makes my device shows online but unable to be pinged or ssh.
I always do the steps to make my computer available again on the internet: 1. borrow other person’s computer with teamviewer or anydesk 2. ssh to my computer and reset the zerotier server by removing the identity file 3. restart the zerotier server then it always can be connected.

I’m curiously if there is a easy setting to do this automatically in the zerotier server so I don’t have to do these again and again. Thank you.

that sounds like a pain. You steps should be able to be scripted somehow, but I don’t know of anything already made.

In the next release, the ports zerotier binds to will be more random and you probably won’t need to do the new identity step. In the future, this bad state will be detected and fixed automatically.

Next time you have the problem, please try having your work computer ping your home computer. Sometimes that helps.

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