Crashing while in the joining title screen

It’s been 2 months and I’m very annoyed that they hasn’t even fixed the crashing apps. Let me repeat the last post

(Issue on Redmi 5A)

I was playing Terraria with my friend, AND then the joining title screen says lost connection, which means the zerotier one have crashed and/or turned off on it’s own

This bug or issues is really really making me very annoyed and angry, because this happens almost every time I tried to join my friend’s world, if it fails I have to go to the app and turn it on again, which makes the Terraria crash as well!

Not just that, but sometimes when it fails too many times in one character, that character will be prevented to enter that world, FOREVER, which means I have to make a new one and took me 15 minutes to do (waste of time and battery life)

I’ll wait until 1st January 2021, if I haven’t gets replied or answered, I will make sure to re-post it even spam this website, because this is so annoying and the second issue has happened to me for like 6 times

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