Datto RMM agent is not working after installing Zerotier


We are a service provider and we use a tool called Datto RMM
Basically it’s an agent we install on the computers, and they connect to Datto platform to get all kind of informations about the computer, monitoring, push scripts…

The agent just with Datto using port 443

As soon as I activate Zerotier on the computers, Datto is missing half of the informations it should receive. As soon as I unactivate Zerotier, Datto is getting the missing informations.

So I suppose that some datas are flowing directly to Datto when some others are going through Zerotier and never reaching Datto.

Our Zerotier network is the most basic that could be : just created a new network and left all informations by default.

Maybe I should add a route?
But how? And to what?

Thanks !

That’s odd. I can’t think of how a zerotier network on a different subnet would affect an app at all. It shouldn’t.

Does Datto have configuration options for which addresses or adapters it uses?

Are the Datto server and client able to also reach each other over zerotier?

Sorry I did not get the notification for your answer…

No Datto has no options for which adapters it uses. I believe it uses the default adapter.
I don’t know if they are able to reach each other over zerotier, but I don’t see any reason why they should not. Datto agent simply communicates on port 443 with their servers

What’s strange is that I don’t have any issues on my own computer also using Datto+Zerotier.

Maybe I had the issue since I’ve installed Datto’s agent while I was connected to the VM over Zerotier.
I’ve tried to uninstall Zerotier and reinstall it, and it “seems” to work now.

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