Davinci Resolve SQL database connection

I have successfully connected my home Davinci Resolve editing station on a MAC M1 to our remote server at the office however I am unable to connect to the SQL database hosted there. RDP and ping all works fine, so I know the connection works. Is there any other settings I need to make with ZeroTier to see the SQL traffic? I’m used to using LogMeIn’s Hamachi which worked fun until it didn’t support the new MAC M1 machines.

There’s nothing inherent in ZeroTier itself that would block connections to a database server, so it’s likely the configuration of the database server itself. Especially if other things are working.

From my recollection working in the video decoding world many moons ago, Resolve uses Postgres under the hood for the database. Access & authentication to Postgres over the network is controlled by pg_hba.conf. Either that or the listen_address setting in posgtresql.conf is only configured to listen on specific IP address, or addresses.

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Thanks, I believe you are on to something. I just have to now figure out how to modify the pg_hba.conf coming from an artist type and not a coder! HA!

You’ll probably have to add a line to it along the lines of the following to pg_hba.conf:

host     all     all    md5

Just replace the with what’s listed in the Managed Route section on your network configuration page at https://my.zerotier.com.

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