Debian Buster br0 stops working

hello good day,

i have a strange behavior which i can’t explain.
1 week ago my bridge between the zerotier remote network and my local clients, which was working until that time, stopped working.

funny is that when i take the zt interface out of bridge mode it is possible that i can ping other clients but the clients can not ping me.

here is my config:

debian buster


auto ens7 iface ens7 inet manual
auto br0 iface br0 inet static address netmask gateway dns-nameservers bridge_ports ens7 ztks5qfoob bridge_fd 0 bridge_maxage 0

in the zweotier webui is allow bridging and do not assign ip on of course.
i have no idea anymore and unfortunately no log which could help me.
does anyone have an idea?

greetings Marco

UPDATE: same situation if the zt interface is in br0 no ping or communication is possible. but tcpdump shows me arp requests and mcast/udp/mdsn packets flowing from the remote clients. even nmap tells me that my bridg is up if i do a scan.
i dindt touch the flow rules means all is accepted, did i missed some update information?
BTW. if installed a new bridged server with absolutly the same problem!
realy need a hint, so long thanks a lot!

I had the same problem, br0 stopped working after upgrading from stretch to buster.
The solution was to install bridge-utils, which immediately fixed the problem.

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