Delete user from all networks

As a Org Owner I want to delete a user (address) from all networks.

Unfortunately I did not find how to do, also I did not find a post on that topic.
Looking forward to some input here.

Thanks a lot for any support.


“user” as in an Admin that can edit the networks? Or as in a ZeroTier Node/Identity?

If you remove and Admin from your org, that’ll remove them from all networks.

There’s no feature to delete a node from all networks. If the node is on like 100s of networks, it might be worth it to write a script that uses the API.

Hey @zt-travis,

Thank you for fast reply.

2nd one. As node. We have our devs added to the networks (customer projects) they are supporting. Therefore it makes sense from our perspective to be able to add/delete to/from multiple networks at a time.

Do I get the idea/concept here wrong? Is my use case unusual?

So (only) way to do it is via API?


Totally makes sense. We’ve been thinking on the best way to display and enable that.

We have a terraform integration could be useful, if you’re into that type of thing.

I would also be possible… to use one big network, and segment it into different customers with the rules engine. This would be kind of tricky to set up, but not too bad to maintain IMO. I probably wouldn’t go that route unless managing all the different subnets is a pain.

hey @zt-travis
I’d prefer having networks separated per customer.
can you provide terraform integration? Or even snippet for API script would be ok for now.

But I think feature would make sense to ban/delete “users/nodes” centrally as owner. May I raise a feature request for that or is there already one?

Thankfully we have a whole guide on it:

Make sure to use a non production network to test :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if there is a feature request written down anywhere. You can add one to feature requests section of this forum if you like.

As a Org Owner I want to delete a user (address) from all networks.

sounds is a good summary to me.

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