Deploying Containerized ZeroTier with Singularity


Has anyone tried deploying ZeroTier containerized on an HPC platform using Singularity (Apptainer)?

I can’t deploy ZeroTier with Docker containers because I don’t have root access to the HPC platform. Singularity seems to get around the permissions issue.

I converted the official ZeroTier image in Docker Hub to a Singlarity image and tried to run it using the following command:
singularity exec --writable-tmpfs --contain --net --network-args "type=tun" --no-home --bind /dev/net/tun:/dev/net/tun zerotier.sif zerotier-one join abcdefghijklmnop

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work properly and throws an exception:
FATAL: container creation failed: network requires root or --fakeroot, users need to specify --network=none with --net

Any suggestions would be helpful!