Device names on network

Question on the client/device names… there’s a spot in the ZT web dashboard to assign an optional name for each device. For some reason I was under the impression that I would be able to address individual devices on my ZT network by name i.e. ‘ds920’ rather than having to look up and use IP addresses all the time.

I’ve also come across some references that this used to work prior to v1.8.1, and something about multicast being b0rked? Yes/no/kinda?

Is this expected behavior, or am I missing something?

There’s nothing that resolves the name field in ZeroTier out of the box. We do have a side project that sets up a DNS server & uses that name metadata, however:

Yeah, I’d seen that. Not sure if I’m ready to run beta release name server software just yet. I’m sure it’s fine for the right person; just not sure that’s me right now.

It’s a pretty solid piece of code on it’s own. We just haven’t yet decided where it’s going to live in the end. That’s why it’s still Beta

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