Devices outside ZeroTier network can see Windows hosts


I have a Windows PC on my home network that is connected to a ZeroTier network. However, other devices on my home network that aren’t connected to ZeroTier can see Windows hosts that are on there.
Connecting to them fails with an error message that says the network address couldn’t be found, but they still show up in the network view in Explorer, for example.

Does my PC broadcast info about the devices it sees on ZeroTier to other hosts on my physical network? If so, how do I stop this behavior?

I’ve never heard of this happening, nor seen this happen before.

Have these other machines ever been on the zerotier network? If so maybe it’s showing cached information. Do you have a device routing packets between your physical LAN and the ZeroTier network? Maybe some of the advertisements get through that way, but for some reason the actual connections can’t.

That certainly would be unexpected behavior. If that is the case, then it’s an issue in Windows itself and I have no idea how to resolve that.

These devices have never been on ZeroTier. The device that’s connected to ZeroTier is plugged into a network switch, which is plugged into my router. How the router would get the Windows network advertisements from ZeroTier and why it would relay them to other devices is something I don’t know.

Also, I’ve forgot to mention something before: I also have a Raspberry Pi 4 running OpenMediaVault on my network that’s also connected to ZeroTier (and plugged into the switch), so another idea that I have is that maybe Samba is doing something weird with the advertisements. Though, I couldn’t find any similar cases like this by googling.

Yeah, no idea on that one man. It certainly isn’t anything ZeroTier is doing though. I can guarantee that to you.

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