Difference between NAS releases and other releases

I’m not finding release notes for the NAS releases. What is the difference between 1.2.12 for NASes and 1.6.0 for other machines?

They need to be very carefully compiled for specific devices. Every version doesn’t always get made for every NAS.
All versions are compatible with each other.
Which NAS are you using?

I’m using a QNAP device, but the versioning seems to be similar across all NAS devices.
So it the 1.2.12 NAS release equivalent to the feature level of the 1.2 release for other machines?

Versioning on the NAS packages is the same as the rest of the platforms we release on. If its 1.2.x, it’s a 1.2.x version of ZeroTier.

I made the drastic move of simply cp:ing the x64 binary from my linux machine to my nas. It seems to work fine.

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