Disconnects - how to debug?

I have two Win10 machines as the only members of a ZT network. Machine A does RDP on machine B through zerotier. So far so good.

Multiple times a day the connection gets dropped. So RDP connection drops. If I try then to ping the other machine, no ping comes back. If I look at the tray icon -> show networks, both machines show “OK” and look like connected.
This state lasts 3-4 minutes. After that ping and RDP starts working again without doing anything.

What I already checked:

  • It doesn’t seem to be an issue with internet connection. Both machines can access internet well when the described state happens
  • During these 3-4 minutes where I cannot use zerotier I can access the other machine using teamviewer without any problems. In fact thats what I do to keep on working until I can reach the other machine again using zerotier. That also shows to me that there shouldn’t be any issues with the internet connection on both sides.

Does anyone have an idea what I could do or how I could debug this further?

I’m getting this also on one of my networks. Started 2 weeks ago, or so.

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