Disconnects on MacOS 12.1+

I’m using M1 Pro running 12.2 (Monterey beta) with ZT 1.8.4. Zerotier works great when it’s working. However, it disconnects at random times, the GUI shows the network connected with a status of OK. However, no traffic routes at all. I have to do a force quit on the zero tier-one service in order to restore ZT connectivity. This resolves it every time and then connectivity works great again for a few minutes.

Is this a known issue or is there a known fix or workaround?

Can’t really help much with Beta releases of an OS. However, are you running any Packet/Content Filter software or firewalls such as Lulu, Little Snitch, or Trip Mode? A bug appears to have been introduced in macOS 12.1 when zerotier is combined these kinds of software built with the Network Extension framework. Unfortunately it’s out of our hands.

@zt-grant - I use Little Snitch on Monterey 12.1 with Zerotier. I haven’t “noticed” any issues, could you elaborate more on what the problem is and how one might see it, so I can keep an eye out for it? Thanks.

We’re seeing the exact issue described with anything Network Extension Packet/Content Filter related on 12.1.

In addition with Little Snitch in particular, at the initial release of macOS 12.1 Little Snitch’s filter completely crashed the TCP/IP stack on my 2019 15" MBP when ZeroTier was running. It was to the point where command line tools like ifconfig weren’t usable; nor was the network system preferences panel.

We’ve seen reports of ZT traffic just stopping with Lulu and Trip Mode as well. The one thing all these have in common is that they’re implemented as Content Filter Providers in Apple’s Network Extension framework. We had no such issues reported prior to 12.1

We have a GitHub issue open tracking the issue here.

Edit: As of January 19, PaloAlto Networks’ GlobalProtect is added to the list of things causing issues. We’re not the only ones either. Other similar networking products are having the same issues with macOS 12.1+.

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Any progress with Lulu disconnections?!? Still having issues on Monterey 12.3 beta…

Per user reports on the GitHub ticket, all is fixed on 12.2. Can’t offer help with Beta versions of macOS

Nop, still not working using 12.2 or 12.3 on non-M1 machines

I have the same issue on Intel 12.2

Yah, seeing some strange behavior with Non Silicon Macs with 12.2.1 … talking to another Non Silicon Macs with 12.2.1. No special software like little Snitch involved. Some machines can ping through…some cannot.

I am not a paid customer yet. This is my 3rd week with Zero Tier. This is the first “burp” I have seen. I have no idea how to resolve it.

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