DNS Domain and DNS Server Issue

I have added Zerotier to a Mikrotik and my Desktop so that I may access the Mikrotik that is behind an LTE device. First off The devices can’t talk to each other as I’ve tried to ping and it fails I look at the configuration of the Mikrotik and the interface states unknown. When I look at the setup onm my PC (Windows 11) DNS domain and servers say not configured and none. I don’t know where to start

sounds like you’re reporting several issues. regarding the “unable to ping” without know what interface the ip you are trying to ping is on, try this
1- have you enabled routes in the my.zerotier.com portal?
2- did you add the input and forward firewall rules as stated in the mikrotik doc? ZeroTier - RouterOS - MikroTik Documentation

David, Managed Routes was enabled by Default and when I look at the setup on my desktop it shows DNS is not configured. There is a DNS section within this network but it has default settings such as home.arpa and for the server address. When this came out a few years ago, I just set it up and ran with it. I will take a look at the Mikrotik because the interface shows Unknown so this tells me enabling zt1 interface didn’t take.

The DNS settings aren’t expected to be in your virtual adapter settings. ZeroTier uses Windows’s Name Resolution Policy Table for DNS settings.

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