DNS not pushed on node side?


I just deployed ZT on opnsense box and added Windows and Mac nodes.

Access via IP works as expected to shares, RDP, etc. However it does not work via DNS.

I enabled the “Allow DNS configuration” on ZT client side but it does not change either.

On mac node, if I dig share.mycorp.lan @ZT-IP or dig share.mycorp.lan @OPNSense-LAN-IP, results are OK

The ZTOne app display the domains but seems ignored.

Whereas it used to work with Wireguard.

Ok, on Mac, I read the support doc:

macOS DNS resolution

On macOS, common command line DNS tools like dig, host, and nslookup don’t know about these types of resolvers, and do not work with ZeroTier Managed DNS.

Here are some macOS specific alternatives:

dns-sd -G v4v6 host.example.com

dscacheutil -q host -a name host.example.com

ping and curl should work too.

I can confirm it works :relieved:

For Windows, I need to investigate this:

Sounds interesting thanks for sharing this mate.