Do root servers stableEndpoints allow hostnames?

The documentation didn’t explicitly say that they weren’t allowed, but only provided IP addresses as examples: Private Root Servers | ZeroTier Documentation

I want to host a root server and network controller on a K8s cluster which consists of 3 masters and several nodes. My cluster has a DNS name assigned to it that’s has my external IP updating it every minute to the DNS entry. It also has LetsEncrypt setup for https.

So I essentially want to know if I can just tell my clients to connect to my hostname. I’ll only use 1 root server and network controller, that K8s will ensure is always running.

My end goal is to have multiple ZeroTier networks, one for access to my LAN (separate network than K8s cluster), another ZeroTier network for direct access to the K8s services (using kubeDNS), and a third ZeroTier network for devices that should not have internet access, such as ipcams and IoT sensors etc (this will be done with a small router running ZeroTier).

If anyone has already done this before any tips or yaml files that you might have will be greatly appreciated! I plan to use GitHub - dec0dOS/zero-ui: ZeroUI - ZeroTier Controller Web UI - is a web user interface for a self-hosted ZeroTier network controller. for the WebUI.

Root servers/moons require a stable IP address. Lookups of the Root/Moon IPs do not use DNS at all.

Network Controllers, on the other hand, are looked up from their Node ID via the roots, and as such are not required to have static IP addresses.

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