Docker Zerotier not working on the latest Linux LibreELEC (Nexus) 11

Docker Zerotier not working on the latest LibreELEC (Nexus) 11

For many years I have used various versions of Docker ZeroTier on Linux CoreELEC and Linux LibreELEC with success. Now Docker ZeroTier works fine on all CoreELEC versions and on old LibreELEC 9 versions, but on armv7 devices with LibreELEC (Nexus) 11 it doesn’t work, I guess there is some kind of incompatibility with this network services implementation version.

On the contrary, the Docker TailScale service works very well on all CoreELEC and LibreELEC versions that I know of, including LibreELEC (Nexus) 11 for armv7 processors.

Looking at the ZeroTier service logs inside ‘portainer’ I don’t see anything and this service is permanently restarting.

Is there an expert here who can figure out what’s going on?

ZeroTier startup command here Docker

docker run --name myzerotier --rm --cap-add NET_ADMIN --device /dev/net/tun zerotier/zerotier:latest <network_id>

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