Does zerotier collect telemetry via datadog?

Noticed something weird on my pihole/home network setup - I have a fairly fresh WSL2 VM as a testbed for Zerotier and recently set it up to the get DNS from my pihole (on another VM) and saw in pihole logging that the WSL2 computer is trying to resolve “” — there is nothing much running on WSL2 so I am wondering if it is could be something in ZT doing this?

ZeroTier One collects no telemetry whatsoever. It’s definitely not us.

Additionally, I don’t think ZeroTier will work running inside WSL2. It will work fine on Windows and you’ll be able to connect to the ZeroTier network from WSL2, but ZeroTier won’t run inside WSL2.

Ok noted; I’ll investigate a bit on that basis to figure out what is going on.

ZeroTier works ok under WSL2 - just need an alternate way to start daemon since WSL2 doesn’t run normal init/systemd setup but afterwards - it is fine. It is very very helpful to give stable IP coz WSL2 native networking model is a bit annoying

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