Dont know how to solve the error log from port_error_log

I trying to connect to my network, but failed, and I found this error from the port_error_log.txt unable to create new device instance: UpdateDriverForPlugAndPlayDevices() failed (made 60 attempts), I search but rarely seem the result related to zerotier.
I can see the new member in the zerotier control panel, but in the client side the network part is grey and cannot see any information.
The device is inside my company’s network it has internet access but I dont know if it blocks some of the connections.

After a few trying I think I am got the same issue this thread had Won’t connect to network. Network ID is greyed out after clicking join - Community Support / Windows - ZeroTier Discussions
but my OS is windows 10 pro, my machine is using amd cpu is that the issue?

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