Double NAT jumping assist

I’m intending on living in an RV (well, a converted bus) and want to have control over my own network. That probably means running my own router, and having that router connect to whatever upstream I can. That means a double NAT

I do have complete control over that router, and can install whatever software I want on it.

It would be good if I could install some kind of relay node on the router itself. Things behind my interior NAT would use that relay node to initiate NAT traversal for the exterior NAT. Ideally this would be auto-configured.

I think I might be able to use openwrt’s masquerade to do something similar, but it’s hard to say without more tests…

A simple NAT-punching-relay I could install on my router would easily solve this problem.

Hi @traverse.da,

Double NAT is always tricky and officially not supported.
That being said, I’ve managed to get it working by forwarding udp 9993 on the internal router only.
Might be worth a try…

I put Zerotier on a Mikrotik Audience that I was running as a WAP behind another router. After bridging the interface that runs the zerotier software… I have connection to the whole network.

My problem with bridging like that is it seems to cause all routing and DHCP operations to happen on the remote router, which if I have a spotty wifi signal means that my devices have spotty internal connections…