Dropping packets

Hi all!
About 24 hrs ago (10/23/22) I started having connectivity issues with one of my locations (Comcast Business). I’m in another state and I connect to a QNAP server and a Mac Mini at this location. I pinged both boxes and was dropping many packets i.e… 50%+. I am connecting via a macbook pro over hotel wifi. I then switched to my iphone on 5gUW (no wifi) and also saw similar packet drops. I then connected via both of these devices to an entirely different location (Comcast Residential). This location is in another state and it also has a QNAP and Mac Mini I’m connecting to. I’m also seeing packet loss there as well and unstable connectivity. Everything with this setup has been working flawlessly for months. Does anyone have any ideas on what is happening? Nothing was changed about software or topology. Are there issues with zerotier servers? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I believe I have troubleshot my end to exhaustion.

Thank you!

Edit: I’m located in the Northeast, US. (If this has to do with server locations)

A client of mine is also having issues that started yesterday afternoon. 33% packet loss on his end over a mobile network with good signal. I’m connected via a residential connection and not having any issues. Nothing on the remote network he’s trying to connect to has had any changes that I’m aware of. Everything was working flawlessly until yesterday afternoon.

Sorry we missed you. Shouldn’t be anything on our end.

If it’s working but with high packet loss, it’s “relaying” for some reason. Make sure the nodes are upgraded to at least 1.8.10. Newer versions have better peering tricks.

See the output of zerotier-cli peers to see which nodes are “relay” and try to narrow in on where the problem may be.

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