Duplicate Nodes

Hey everyone. My network guy is away and I know zero about terminal etc. I just migrated over to a new Mac and I have the identical node ID on 2 computers. I read through the documentation on how to reset but to be honest it didnt work for me. Does anyone know of a step by step video to get a new node ID for my mac?

No problem, it should be pretty easy if you’re willing to get your feet a little wet in the terminal:

Basically we will stop ZeroTier, erase its identity and then start it again where it will regenerate a new ID.

Be careful however, if this new identity is not authorized on a network afterwards it won’t be able to talk to network resources until you (or your network guy) authorizes it.

sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.zerotier.one.plist
sudo mv /Library/Application\ Support/ZeroTier/One/identity.public /Library/Application\ Support/ZeroTier/One/identity.public.bak
sudo mv /Library/Application\ Support/ZeroTier/One/identity.secret /Library/Application\ Support/ZeroTier/One/identity.secret.bak
sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.zerotier.one.plist

In the above series of steps we are only “moving” the identities to where zerotier cannot find them by adding .bak to the filename, if you’re positive the changes worked and you don’t need the old identity you can remove them with:

sudo rm /Library/Application\ Support/ZeroTier/One/*.bak

Btw the mismatched / and \ are on purpose, don’t change them.

Thank you so much. Do I copy each line then press enter ? Also do I do the sudo mv part. I am terribly sorry as this is all foreign to me.

No worries.

Yes, you copy each line one at a time. Be sure you get the entire line (scroll right).

sudo means do the next command mv with super-user rights so be careful not to make a typo.

You can verify the before and after with sudo zerotier-cli status and seeing the reported ID change

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