Edgerouter Bridged Network can reach zerotier devices, not vice versa


This is a continuation of my reddit post here: Yet another remote device to Edgerouter X managed LAN question : zerotier

I’m trying to get remote access to my home LAN set up. Current config:

  • Home LAN is subnet
  • Zerotier subnet is
  • Home Edgerouter is the nextwork’s primary gateway with LAN IP of, a Zerotier IP of, and lets call the WAN IP
  • EdgeMAX is showing zerotier traffic on what I told it is eth10
  • Remote computer Zerotier IP is and a variable local IP address (mobile laptop)
  • Parsec routes through zerotier to reach the home LAN - this is unintended behavior, but shows there’s some connectivity that is working
  • One computer on the home LAN can ping the remote laptop
  • My NAS cannot ping the remote laptop
  • The remote laptop cannot ping devices on the home LAN except the router (at either or 170.1)

My managed routes are:

  • via
  • (LAN)

I have a firewall rule allowing all traffic from eth10, which didn’t appear to change anything but did make me realize this is how Parsec is choosing to route itself.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can use zerotier to expose my LAN to general traffic (smb, pinging, etc)? It seems strange to me that Parsec works and that I can reach my zerotier devices from the network but not the other way. My router is showing my pings as accepted but I never get a response from anything on the other side.

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