Email notification if a node goes offline

It would be a really handy feature if we can select a node or nodes in a network which will send an alert email if they go offline. For example a server should have an online presence, however if zerotier shows the node as offline, after 5 or 10 minutes, then it will send an alert to a designated email address.

Thanks for the input. It’s something we’ve attempted in the past but didn’t quite work as expected. ZeroTier being peer-to-peer, it turns into online/offline relative to what? It’s entirely possible for a node to be online to other peers in the network, yet appear offline to the controller.

@eacbda you can accomplish this currently using Pipedream, there’s a trigger for a node going offline - .

You could just link this with an action to send yourself an email if the node was offline for more than X minutes.

As Grant mentioned, the actual online/offline status is relative - this does cover most scenarios though.

Basic usage would be covered by their free plan.
(I’m not associated with Pipedream, just an avid user - I helped push for the ZeroTier integrations and use it myself a lot)