Embedded Zerotier in 4G LTE Router unstable

I have several 4G LTE modems in the field, for over 2 years now i have had no problems using the Zerotier network but lately we seem to be seeing problems we never saw before, for example it shows the device was connected seconds ago ie less than a minute, even when I am online it seems to be the same.
Before i would be shown"Online" now it is as if i am not online, I am trying to debug this but I am not sure if it is my network that is the problem or something on Zerotier.

Hello, I’m trying to manage some lte routers so I added 3 to the zerotier platform, I Can see the 3 nodes on the zerotier web platform however When I tried to access them from a different network doesn’t work, Can you please suggest me what should I checked?

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