Error when starting Zerotier and doesnt ask to install any driver during zerotier installation

This error message comes up at every start, saying that “zerotier-one.port” couldn’t be found.
I looked for it there and elsewhere on the drive but couldn’t find it.
No driver got installed during zerotier installation.
It launches anyway but says the node ID is “unknown”
Trying to “Join Network…” returns that the service is not running.
The TCP and UDP port are correctly set up and the service is running as it should though.
Thanks for any help.

Try rebooting. If that doesn’t work follow the steps in the following article and reboot again.

Rebooting did the trick, thanks.
It might be nice to add a reboot option to the installer as people don’t always reboot their machine after a program installation because many programs don’t need a reboot.

ZeroTier usually doesn’t require a reboot on install so that’s why there’s no forced reboot in the installer. We’re not sure why it does in only some cases.

One tiny bit of the dark side of the windows system :smiley:

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