Establish communication from PC to openWrt router and lan with zerotier

Hello everyone! I’m totally a noob in VPN.

  1. I install openWrt on my router (TP-LINK TP-WR842N v5)
  2. Install zerotier and make configuration. My router appeared in my.zerotier
  3. Connected my PC to zerotier network too, but have Internet from my share mobile network (to test purposes and make request from another network…)
  4. Create a firewall rule to accept connections from VPN zone to LAN/WAN.
  5. Add traffic rule to accept UDP to 9993 port.
  6. Add traffic rule to accept Ping from VPN zone to device.

Managed Routes - (LAN) - - (LAN)

Where is my zerotier network, - my router Lan interface, - my router Wan interface.

So, router appears with IP, my PC with
But I haven’t ability to ping my router from PC.
I try ping, ping…
I need to be able to access devices on the router’s network (
Can you throw off detailed instructions on my case or help somehow?

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