Ethernet Bridging in Windows

We want to use ZeroTier between two computers (Windows 10) to emulate a true Ethernet switch, I mean, stablish a L2 tunnel between them and use the Ethernet interfaces of both PCs to join both sites in the same broadcast domain.

According to the Ethernet Bridging section, it seems that ZeroTier is capable of doing that, right?

However, in the ZeroTier server website they indicate that “Bridging requires additional setup on the device”, but they don’t precise what kind of settings we have to do in Windows.

Does anybody know how I have to configure Windows10 and ZeroTier to achieve that?

Thank you in advance.


We’ve only heard of people accomplishing this on Windows, but the details of doing it have never been shared with us here. While it may technically be possible, it’s probably not easy to do. We do have guides on how to do bridging with Linux over in our Knowledge Base, though.

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